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As a leading Florida Blue Medicare agency, we proudly service over 10,000 Medicare recipients across our state. Speak to one of our local licensed Medicare agents today to discuss your options.

There’s a lot to learn about Medicare. The good news is that Ference-Arison is here to help. Discover the basics of Medicare and your coverage options at anytime convenient to you.

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Benefits vary by plan, but generally, individuals get the same basic coverage as Original Medicare with some extra benefits that include: prescription drug coverage, emergency coverage, and preventive health care benefits.

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BlueMedicare HMO PrimeTime and BlueMedicare HMO LifeTime are network-based plans offered by Florida Blue HMO, one of our subsidiaries. These are ideal plans for someone who wants preventative care coverage and a primary care physician to help coordinate services with contracting plan specialists and hospitals.

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Original Medicare (Parts A and B) does not provide coverage for prescription drugs; however, individuals can enroll in Medicare Part D, a voluntary Medicare benefit that offers this coverage if they want it.

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BlueMedicare PPO members have the freedom to choose their own doctors and hospitals, with no referrals necessary for most health care services. They can choose providers from our extensive BlueMedicare PPO network and enjoy $0 deductible and affordable copayments, or visit out of-network providers for a higher out-of-pocket cost.

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